Buddha’s Footprint Trail and Doi Pa Klong Viewpoint

  A 9km hike, around 2.5 or 3 hours rather simple in the middle of nature.   Hiking The hike start at Hmong Doi Pui Village and go to Doi Pa Klong Viewpoint. It takes around 1h20 to reach the top. The hike is straightforward, only the last 20 minutes are more difficult as it’s […]

Kew Fin

Kew Fin is a viewpoint located after the beautiful village of Mae Kampong, 1 hour drive from Chiang Mai.   Access and information There are two solutions to reach the point of view Car or 2 wheels, but the road is very steep, you will need a good engine (and brakes) Hiking, it is possible […]

Doi Pui Camping

Doi Pui campsite. One of the best views of Chiang Mai at night. The campsite is located near the top of the Doi Pui mountain (just after Doi suthep). It takes about 45 minutes by road to get there. The advantage of this campsite is the view of Chiang Mai at night, but also at […]

Doi Hua Mu Viewpoint

Doi Hua Mu Viewpoint is perhaps the best viewpoint close to Chiang Mai. It is located near the top of Doi Pui mountain.   Hiking The viewpoint is accessible via a short hike. Two starting points are possible, by road or by the forest from the Doi Pui campsite.   Distance : 2 km by […]