Takkatan Cave (Tham Tukkatan)

  Takkatan Cave is located 50 minutes drive from Chiang Mai. It is a non-touristy cave for budding adventurers. No concrete path, lighting or guide. If you like caves you will love it, this is perhaps the best around Chiang Mai. It is 3 km long, an ideal playground for explorers, but also for beginners (for the first 150m only). The first 150 meters inside are flat, easy and accessible.   WARNING !!! It is a non-touristy cave. There are serious risks. Risk of getting lost. No mobile network in case of accident. There is a river inside so the water can rise very quickly in case of rain and block you. In the small passages, there is a risk of “lack” of oxygen (which can kill you). There can also be risks with bats. In short, if you are a total beginner, stay in the first 100 meters, do not continue after. Do not go alone and especially not in the rainy season.   Get to Takkatan Cave The cave is a bit hide, there is no direction sign, you will have to take small roads and a dirt road across the field. But it is done very well with a scooter. The cave is closed during the rainy season, because there is a river inside and people might get stuck. Arriving at the car park you would have to walk 200 meters to reach the entrance.     Link and information: Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/y3chMb5REhzFoj7m8 Price : Free Others : You need your own material (light, …)  Inside Takkatan Cave The cave do 3,160m long (7 km on other source). If you stay in the main gallery, it’s pretty straightforward. Don’t forget to take lamps. In February the cave was dry so it did not slip, but at other times of the year, it is possible that it is very humid and that it slips. Some comments say that there are also too high CO2 levels in some small part. So if you are not equipped to check the level, stay in the main part.   Map find on : https://www.thailandcaves.shepton.org.uk/ The cave chambers are very large. There were 2 or 3 bats in the first 150 meters. I haven’t explored further yet, I’ll go back soon and put more information here.   More photos