Doi Hua Mu Viewpoint

Doi Hua Mu Viewpoint is perhaps the best viewpoint close to Chiang Mai. It is located near the top of Doi Pui mountain.   Hiking The viewpoint is accessible via a short hike. Two starting points are possible, by road or by the forest from the Doi Pui campsite.   Distance : 2 km by the road 1,5 by the foret   Link : Google map : Start road : Start camping :  The view From the viewpoint, it is possible to see: Chiang Mai, Mon Jam, Mae Rim, plantations and other mountains. Sunset and hammock It’s also one of the best places to put a hammock and watch the sunset.    

Doi Nangmo

Doi Nangmo is a peak 35 km from Chiang Mai (about 40 minutes).   Hiking The path leading to the summit is 2.6 km which may not seem like much, but there is 560 m of elevation gain. The path is quite steep at times and quite slippery when approaching the summit due to pebbles and small stones. It is possible to return by the same path or to continue for a longer hike     Link : Google map : GPS track of the hike : Start of the hike : GPS coordinates of the start of the hike : 18.72051, 99.23303  Summit The view from the top is clear and worth the detour.