Doi Pui campsite. One of the best views of Chiang Mai at night.

The campsite is located near the top of the Doi Pui mountain (just after Doi suthep). It takes about 45 minutes by road to get there.

The advantage of this campsite is the view of Chiang Mai at night, but also at sunrise. It is possible to come with your own camping equipment or to rent it (see price below).


View of the campsite at night


View at sunrise


Campsite prices





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From the campsite, it is possible to take a short hike to a rather nice viewpoint.

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In January, for about 2 weeks, the cherry trees are in bloom, which makes the atmosphere even more pleasant.



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  1. Dear Sir,
    As it could be my first time camping outside through night, may I ask would it be too cold in Jan. if I bring nothing and rent everything from you?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. It can be a bit cold yes. But just with a pant and a sweat it’s ok. You can rent everything directly at the campsite 😉 If you go there on the weekend try to go early in the afternoon to get a tent with the best view 😉

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