It is possible to kayak in Chiang Mai on the Ping River which runs through the city. It’s a good way to visit Chiang Mai differently.


Access and information

The rates are the same for everyone: 50 baht and no time limits.

The kayak club is located at the back of Wat Fah Ham temple.

You can park inside the temple, the club is run by the monks.



Link and others :

Google map :

Hourly : 8h – 20h

Price : 50 bahts by people

Kayak : 1 or 2 places


It is possible to take two different directions: go up the river and be in peace with a lot of nature or go down the river and navigate in Chiang Mai.


Don’t forget that you’ll have to come back to the temple, so don’t go too far if it’s getting late.

Along the river, some restaurants and bars have a pontoon, so it is possible to take a break.



For people who would like to take the opportunity to meet other kayakers, from time to time there are kayak outings organized on Facebook:


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  1. Hello I left me long sleeved blue shirt on a chair near the lockers. Please let me know if you have it and I will pick it up the next time I kayak with the group on Thursdays.

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